Atlantis Park, the musical ††††† 
Setting: Opening day at a new amusement park
Song 1, sung by heroine and chorus
Welcome to this wondrous place we call Atlantis World!
Today's the day our brand new shining flag will be unfurled:
A golden dollar sign upon a field of brilliant white,
To show this land at last has been redeemed from mystic night.
Atlantis, Atlantis,
Enlighten, enchant us!
It's what we all need,
A valley of greed!
Since Atlas Shrugged the movie proved to be a huge success
A theme-park tie in had to be an overwhelming yes.
The nation's children really want to be just like John Galt:
Without a trace of pain or fear, without a trace of fault.
Atlantis, Atlantis,
Enlighten, enchant us!
Where it's safe to say
That A will stay A!
Old fashioned Barbie dolls canít turn a profit for Mattel.
New Dagny Taggart dolls are now the only ones that sell.
She comes with her own railroad set, along with a trench coat,
And three exciting hero dolls, who each can float her boat.
Atlantis, Atlantis,
Enlighten, enchant us!
The only real treason
Is forsaking reason!
So, join us, in this joyous place we call Atlantis World!
Get on our airplane ride and you will suddenly be hurled
Into a big crash landing, but we'll make sure you survive.
For after all, our ethic says it's good to be alive!
Atlantis, Atlantis,
Enlighten, enchant us!
A kingdom of cash
Where goals never clash!
Song 2, sung by the "villain" of the piece:
I'm here to stop the motor of this unamusing park.
I'm here to turn its lights off and to plunge it into dark.
Objectivism must be taken very seriously.
It's wrong to celebrate it so goddamned deliriously.
I'll dynamite
This place tonight.
I'll blow it sky high.
Atlantis, goodbye.
It's an abomination of the author's own intent,
A horribly distorted twist on what the novel meant,
And just as Howard Roark was right to blow up public housing,
I'm right to give this creepy park a general delousing.
I'll blow apart
This anti-art.
I'll blow it sky high.
Atlantis, goodbye.
The roller coaster ride they built, they call the John Galt Line.
It runs on rails of green blue metal - through a copper mine.
I've rigged it to explode as soon as I push down this button.
The blast will rip this ride apart - reducin' it to nuttin'!
I'll undefine
This John Galt Line.
I'll blow it sky high.
Atlantis, goodbye.
Song 3, duet, sung by villain and heroine.
Oh, won't you try the John Galt Line.
Please give it just one try.
Get first-hand evidence before
You blow it all sky-high.
My mind's made up. I've seen the facts.
My judgment's very strong.
With full contextual certainty,
I'm hardly ever wrong.
But seeing it is not the same
As giving it a try.
Oh, please just ride it once before
Your blow it all sky high.
I know I'm right. I know I'm right.
I do not need more facts.
Stand back while I demolish these
Unholy green blue tracks.
So what's the matter, are you scared
Of facing your own guilt?
Afraid of finding out this ride's
The best one ever built?
All right! All right! I'll ride it once.
I'll verify my claims.
I'll give it just one try before
It all goes down in flames.
Song 4, heroine and chorus sing:
It's all aboard the John Galt line! The ribbon has been sliced!
It only costs one dollar, so you see it's fairly priced!
There's just one catch, one little catch, which must be squarely told:
It only costs a dollar, but - you have to pay in gold!
We're gliding on the John Galt line, we're gliding out the station.
We're picking up velocity - with smooth acceleration.
There's something odd about this train we mustn't fail to mention:
It gets its power from a strange antenna on the engine!
Song 5, villain sings:
The landscape seems to fall away. I hear the engines roar.
A pulsing power fills my heart. I feel my spirits soar.
I sense that man should never be held down by groundless fear.
Behold! We climb into a sky so cloudless, free and clear.
What's this? The roller coaster dives! This wasn't in the book.
The ground is rushing up at us. I cannot stand to look.
I can't believe the bravery of Dagny's dauntless brain.
How did she maintain open eyes while plunging in a plane?
Whoa-oh! We swoop! We rise back up. We're not dead after all.
We rise. We are the rising. Can you hear the music call?
The notes speak of a struggle that I've somehow left behind.
Harmonious serenity is spreading through my mind.
The ride is slowing to a stop. It's time to end this song.
I hate to say it, but it's true, I see that I was wrong.
I take back all my threats. This park is full of life and fun.
Now I just want to stay and play. I guess this story's done.
Song 6, chorus sings as heroine and redeemed villain
kiss passionately
Atlantis, Atlantis,
Where love is romantic
It starts antagonistic
But it ends up hot and frantic!